How Much Extra Are Renters Willing To Pay For In-Unit Laundry?

In-unit laundry is one of the most universally desired perks in apartment searches. Domu asked renters how much extra per month they would pay for the convenience of an in-unit washer/dryer. According to our findings, renters are willing to pay on average an additional $73 per month for in-unit laundry.

Below is a chart detailing renters’ responses. Values represent the number of responses in each price range.

Despite an average of $73, most renters (62.7%) are not willing to pay more than $50 per month for in-unit laundry. This indicates that some renters either do not value the convenience of in-unit laundry or cannot afford it and prefer to forgo the convenience for a more affordable monthly rent.

This survey confirms what we already assumed: In-unit laundry is a huge perk for renters, and most renters are willing to pay more for it. Stay tuned for more apartment search survey results from Domu!