Where Can Traveling Nurses Find Apartments During Coronavirus?

Traveling nurses are being called in to states that are hardest hit by the Coronavirus outbreak. And finding short-term housing becomes an immediate need for traveling nurses who answer the call to provide help in major cities such as Chicago.  

One company that’s stepping up to meet the demand on the ground in Chicago is Blueground, an international supplier of furnished apartments for rent. The apartments provided by Blueground give flexible lease terms as short as 30 days, meaning that a temporary assignment in a city like Chicago doesn’t need to result in a month’s worth of hotel stays. And renters may find the environment of a fully furnished apartment in an amenity-laden building a lot more conducive to staying healthy during this trying time.  

Everything that traveling nurses and healthcare professionals would need at home is available in a Blueground furnished apartment: fresh linens, switched-on utilities, cooking utensils and even stylish appliances. Apartments range from thoughtfully equipped studios and 1 bedroom apartments to 2 bedroom apartments that could easily accommodate traveling nurses who arrive with their families. And nurses who are just dropping into Chicago for a short stint can easily stay in touch with family and friends over video calls thanks to fast WiFi connections at Blueground’s apartments. 

Given that healthcare workers are putting themselves in harm’s way when it comes to battling the novel coronavirus, it’s understandable that many would be seeking temporary housing away from their family members and roommates. Society at large is grappling with the challenges posed by self-isolation, but if someone’s work is essential and requires direct exposure to patients who may have contracted the novel coronavirus that leads to COVID-19, there’s a compelling case to be made for further self-isolating. Healthcare workers and other frontline responders are looking for places where they can stay solo -- albeit temporarily. 

Traveling nurses can easily find and rent furnished apartments from Blueground in the neighborhoods closest to Chicago’s major hospitals. Blueground lists more than a dozen apartments in the Streeterville and River North neighborhoods of Chicago. Commuting to major hospitals like Northwestern Memorial from these spots is as easy as walking around the block. More furnished apartments from Blueground can be found in the West Loop, Loop and South Loop neighborhoods. 

The Coronavirus pandemic is pushing the capabilities of the United States’ healthcare system and its frontline workers to their limits. Healthcare workers are submitting themselves to immense strain and a higher level of risk than most other workers during the pandemic. So, it’s in their interests that they have a suitable place to decompress, recoup and stay safe when they aren’t putting in the hours to save lives in Chicago’s hospitals and clinics. And Blueground apartments may be the most comfortable options available on the market to that end.