North Center

North Center is one of the many welcoming neighborhoods on the north side of the Chicago. This residential and commercial community was originally settled by German immigrant families who earned their livings in the local industrial plants. North Center is a quiet, pleasant, leafy, and subdued area that has blossomed quite nicely over the past decade, thanks in large part to the locally-owned restaurants and businesses that have sprouted up along Lincoln Avenue.

In the early 1900s, North Center was home to the production of early motion pictures. Some of the historic movie houses on Byron Street have since been converted to residences and businesses, while other industry buildings have been demolished to make way for new homes. Revere Park now occupies the space once inhabited by a local manufacturing facility.

For entertainment and recreation, North Center has a bowling alley, an indoor ice skating rink, parks with tennis courts, and a nearby movie complex and library. The American Theater Company and, for live music, Martyr's are popular venues, while The North Center Town Square hosts a farmer's market every Saturday from June to October.

On most streets, parking is relatively easy. The residential and the commercial streets are lined with beautiful trees, and yards are large and well-tended, often with picket fences.

In addition to the renovation of stately old Victorian homes, new construction three-flats and townhomes are common. Older apartments and rental buildings are in a constant state of renovation with a wide variety of price points.

Typical rents

1 Bedroom$1360-1595
2 Bedrooms$1500-1800
3 Bedrooms$1990-2345
4+ Bedrooms$1999
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