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A quaint downtown. Abundant parks. Beautiful public spaces. Life in Barrington offers someone for everyone, whether it's a stroll in a little city or an active outdoor lifestyle. 

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Whether you're interested in the history of Memorial Day (originally called "Decoration Day") or are curious to learn more about wedding dresses from the 1900s to moder day, visit the Barrington History Museum. Its mission is to "light the way from the past to the future" with interesting exhibts about local history and beyond.

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Barrington is a village on the edge of nature. Settled in the 1800s, it was once known as a horse town. But now, it's excellent for birds. Baker's Lake sits in the southeast side of the village, right next to the Baker's Lake Nature Preserve. This area is perfect for birdwatching because there is a rookery, or breeding colony, for the birds in the lake. In the spring and summer, the rookery (which looks like scaffolding) is home to great blue herons with long necks and sleek, silvery feathers. You may also see great egrets and the black-crowned night heron nesting in the rookery. Built in 2000, this extra nesting area helps prevent overcrowding on the island within the lake. 

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Apartments for rent in Barrington are located 37 miles from downtown Chicago. Commuters can drive to Chicago using highway I-90, or they can opt for a car-free commute on the Metra. The local train's Union Pacific Northwest line takes you straight to the Ogilvie Transportation Center in Chicago in about an hour's time.

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