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Neighborhood Vibe

Apartments and homes for rent in Palatine get renters close to several nature preserves and even an equestrian center. Palatine has a small downtown area that provides a small-town vibe while occupying a position in northwest Cook County, about 30 miles outside Chicago.
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Heart of the Neighborhood

The quaint downtown area is clustered around the Metra UP-NW station, and numerous dining options and casual hangout spots offer a mom-and-pop feel in downtown Palatine.
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What We Love Most

Twin Lakes Golf Course & Recreation is an excellent destination for an all-in-one outing of games, dining, and outdoor recreation in Palatine.
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Best Way to Get Around

Being the suburbs, a car is mighty valuable. Access to downtown Chicago is streamlined by the easily accessible Metra station in the heart of Palatine’s downtown square.
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Apartments for rent in Palatine

Around the Neighborhood

Apartment Buildings in Palatine

1950 Cambridge Ct
Birchwood on Sterling
975 N Sterling Ave
Bourbon Square
500 E Constitution Dr
Brockway Court
300 N Brockway St
Clover Ridge East
1445 E Evergreen Dr
Deer Park Crossing
21599 W Field Ct
525 N Quentin Rd
Mission Creek
224 E Rimini Ct
The Clayson
860 W Panorama Dr
The Gates of Deer Grove
125 W Dundee Rd
Village Park of Palatine
860 W Panorama Dr
Williams Reserve
1245 E Prairie Brook Dr