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Buying groceries or walking to nearby parks and restaurants is a breeze for Bowmanville, Chicago. Apartments in Bowmanville are close to major thoroughfares and some public transit, but it has very walkable streets.

Heart of the Neighborhood

Bowmanville apartments are in a cozy and quiet corner of the north side, but lately, this Chicago neighborhood has received a shot in the arm from the Half Acre Beer Company’s newly opened taproom.

What We Love Most

There’s a healthy amount of light and green space among Bowmanville apartments and homes for rent. The lots are green and spacious, the streets are quiet and welcoming, and getting around town is accessible using Foster Ave or Damen Ave.

Best Way to Get Around

In Bowmanville, Chicago, apartment renters can get around via Foster Ave or Western Ave. The no. 49 Western CTA bus or the no. 92 Foster CTA buses are reliable ways to get out to other neighborhoods via public transit.

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2103-23 West Berwyn
2103 W Berwyn Ave
2104 West Farragut
2104 W Farragut Ave
5348-56 North Wolcott
5348 N Wolcott Ave

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1901 W BERWYN AVE #1
2211 W FOSTER AVE #2
1901 W BERWYN AVE #2
2309 W FOSTER AVE #01