Find Your Perfect Bronzeville 3 Bedroom Apartment

3 bedroom apartments in this South Side neighborhood deliver inexpensive rents, large floor plans, and the rich history.  Known as the “Black Metropolis” Bronzeville Chicago was the destination for African Americans who migrated from the rural Southern states to Chicago during the “Great Migration” to escape discrimination and segregation in the South, while also pursuing more favorable economic circumstances.

The Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago borders the South Loop, Hyde Park, Oakland, and Kenwood.  While there is normally a more copious supply 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Bronzeville, there is a sufficient stream of 3 bedroom rental options throughout the neighborhood.  The 3 bedroom apartments in Bronzeville will commonly be found as single family houses, townhouses for rent, modern high-rise apartments, vintage apartments, new apartments, loft apartments, and condos for rent.