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Lake Bluff Illinois is an affluent neighborhood in the northern suburbs. There's a variety of shops, including big box stores and smaller stores. Residents enjoy a quaint downtown area, plenty of parks and public recreations areas. It's nice to enjoy the outdoors in Lake Bluff because residents can enjoy all four seasons.

Heart of the Neighborhood

Chicago, even its suburbs, love their local brews... even Lake Bluff! The Lake Bluff Brewing Company is more than just a brewery. It considers itself a community beer hall, a destination for all. Visit to enjoy award-winning beer, marvel at the work of local artists on its walls, and listen to live music. Lake Bluff's heart is also on its shores. Lake Michigan, the largest of the great lakes, is a beautiful natural resource. Not only does it provide our water, but it's a hotspot for water sports, lazy summer days on the shore and a lovely scene while you walk alongside it.

What We Love Most

Lake Bluff takes pride in providing wonderful experiences for its residents. From the Fourth of July parade to Halloween to neighborhood block parties, residents of Lake Bluff come together and embrace each other for a true community feel.

Best Way to Get Around

Lake Bluff is a northern suburb of Chicago, located approximately 35 miles away from downtown. The best way to get around Lake Bluff is to drive. Commuting means hopping on a highway, such as the I-94, or the I-294 to I-90. If you want to avoid driving during your commute, you can hop on the Metra's Union Pacific North train line, which takes you directly to Ogilve Transportation Center.

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