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Browse 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Lakeview Chicago with Domu’s apartment finder to find the place that matches your needs. Lakeview 1 bedroom rentals are available in almost every corner of this Chicago North Side neighborhood. Do you want to rent a 1 bedroom near Wrigley Field in Wrigleyville? In Boystown? Or closer to the beach? Do you need a place with street parking or a garage spot available? Is it important to be close to public transportation? Lakeview has plenty of 1 bedroom  apartments to choose from all year long.

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Renters will find 1 bedroom apartments in Lakeview to be very well connected to downtown Chicago and other neighborhoods by public transportation, but renters may not feel compelled to venture outside the neighborhood for anything besides work. Why? Lakeview is brimming with restaurants, quirky shops, cafes, bars, vintage furniture stores, convenience shops and even a couple of big box retailers. One of the neighborhood's gems is of course the showpiece of Wrigley Field. Where else in Chicago can you plan an entire day that includes going to a baseball game, catching dinner and drinks across the street afterward, and then moseying down the road to a comedy show or concert, all without ever leaving the confines of your neighborhood? The answer: nowhere else. Aside from those highlights, Lakeview offers many different reasons for renters to look for 1 bedroom apartments. Find yours today.