History in Lakeview
National Landmarks

3800 north alta vista terrace

Alta Vista Terrace District

This historic one-block section contains 40 single-family rowhouses--similar to those in London--developed by Samuel Gross in 1904.  The architectural features vary from Gothic arches to bay and bow windows to Doric and Ionic wood pilasters.  The city designated the district a landmark on September 15, 1971.

1001 west belmont avenue

Belmont-Sheffield Trust and Savings Bank Building

Designed in 1928 by architect John Nyden, this six-story building was designated a landmark on July 9, 2008.  The bank portion of the building closed June 24, 1932, due to financial challenges during the Great Depression.  Today there are stores on the first floor. apartments and condominiums fill the rest of the space.

2800 north pine grove avenue

Brewster Apartments

This residential apartment building was designed by architect Enoch Hill Turnock and completed in 1893.  It was designated a landmark on October 6, 1982.

530-593 west hawthorne place

Hawthorne Place District

Built in the 1890s, this historic district includes designs from Burnham & Root and the McConnell Brothers.  It was designated a landmark on March 26, 1996.

History in Lakeview

555 West Surf Street

James W. Lewis - First Chicago Residence

Seven people from the Chicagoland area were killed between September 29 and October 1, 1982, after ingesting extra-strength Tylenol caplets laced with potassium cyanide.  In the wake of the murders, James W. Lewis sent a letter to Johnson & Johnson demanding one million dollars to stop the killings.  He was convicted of attempted extortion on october 27, 1983, and sentenced to 20 years in prison before being paroled in 1995. 

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3207 North Clark Street

L & L Tavern

The L & L Tavern, which has been named “one of the best dive bars in the nation” by Stuff Magazine, has been serving cheap beer and whiskey to a mixed crowd of musicians, artists, and actors, straight and gay alike, for somewhere around fifty years at 3207 North Clark Street.  It also holds the dubious distinction of having been a favorite Chicago watering hole for Milwaukee-based serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. 

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History in Lakeview

3834 North Sheffield Avenue

Billy Jurges Shot at Hotel Carlos

On July 6, 1932, a disgruntled showgirl named Violet Valli entered Room 509 at the Hotel Carlos (located at 3834 North Sheffield Avenue) and shot Cubs shortstop Billy Jurges with a .25 caliber handgun, nearly taking his life.  When Jurges opened his door and saw that she that she held a gun, he managed to wrestle it away from her, but not before he took a bullet in the hand and a second through the ribs.  

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