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During the 1900s, South Chicago was a working-class steel town. Many steel mills operated from South Chicago, providing many residents jobs. After the mills closed, the neighborhood declined, and residents moved to other parts of Chicago. Now, the neighborhood is quickly returning to its former glory. The former US Steel South Works site is undergoing an extensive redevelopment plan, providing better transportation options and new parks and shoreline recreational areas. 

Heart of the Neighborhood

South Chicago's claim to fame is Calumet Fisheries. One of the only smokehouses left in Illinois, Calumet Fisheries draws seafood lovers from near and far. This is a critically acclaimed restaurant with an extensive menu offering the freshest seafood Chicago offers. The restaurant is strictly take-out, so join the others and take your meal to your car to enjoy it fresh and hot. 

What We Love Most

This up-and-coming neighborhood is sure to quickly become populated, so now is the time to find the perfect home at an unbeatable price! Living close to Calumet Fisheries is an extra perk!

Best Way to Get Around

Getting around South Chicago via Lake Shore Drive/83rd and I-90 are some popular options, or commuters can choose the Metra ME to venture to other parts of the city. Four Metra stations run through South Chicago.

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