Free Chicago Residential Lease Agreement Forms

Chicago Apartment Lease

Our free residential lease agreement is a great starting point for most residential leasing transactions in the city, and it's yours to use for free!

Rental Application Form

Always conduct due diligence on a prospective tenant before offering a residential lease agreement. This form is a great place to start in evaluating the risks posed by an applicant.

Chicago Recycling Rules and Flyer

In 2017, the City of Chicago mandated that all Chicago leases and lease renewals include a flyer to educate tenants about recycling opportunities. Use Domu’s fillable form to meet your requirements under the law.

Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form

If you're renting out an apartment that was built before 1978, federal law requires you to make a lead-based paint disclosure to prospective tenants. This form will do the trick.

Chicago Security Deposit Interest Rate

Chicago landlords with dwelling units governed by the CRLTO are required to provide prospective tenants with an official summary of the local laws governing security deposits, even if a security deposit is not taken.

Summary of the CRLTO

Chicago landlords with dwelling units governed by the CRLTO are required to provide prospective tenants a summary of the local Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance at the inception of every lease and upon each renewal.

Security Deposit Receipt

Chicago landlords are required to provide a receipt for any security deposit, and the receipt must contain specific disclosures. This form, properly completed, will comply with governing law.

Landlord Verification Form

This form is an ideal way to obtain information from a prospective tenant's prior landlords. If a tenant poses a default risk or has a history of creating disturbances, you'll want to know that before you approve the application.

Radon Disclosure Form

Landlords are required to disclose known radon hazards to tenants renting apartments on the first or second story above ground level. This form will do the trick.

Bed Bug Infestation Prevention Brochure

All landlords governed by the CRLTO are required to provide tenants with a bed bug informational brochure upon all lease signings and renewals.

Apartment Inspection Checklist

To corroborate any future claims of damage to an apartment, landlords should consider completing a premises inspection form in the presence of the tenant both at the inception and at the conclusion of the lease.

Chicago Heat Disclosure Form

Chicago landlords are required to supply tenants with an estimate of the annual heating costs. This form can be used to obtain the information from the utility company.

5 Day Eviction Notice

A landlord may not take legal steps to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent unless it first serves the tenant with a properly-completed "five day notice."