Landlord Advice and Free Chicago Apartment Lease Forms

Chicago Landlord Advice Guide For Renting Apartments

Renting a Chicago apartment can be complicated, but Domu makes it simple. Learn about the federal, state, and local laws that apply to the landlord-tenant relationship.

Chicago Security Deposit Guide For Chicago Apartment Landlords

Read Domu's comprehensive guide to rules about security deposits for Chicago apartments.

Free Landlord Disclosures Required For Renting Chicago Apartments

All of the disclosures required by the Chicago landlord tenant ordinance.

Tips On Photoography To Advertise Apartments for Rent

Use Domu's negotiated rate with these photographers to get quality photos at a good price.

Credit Check and Credit Reports For Landlords in Chicago

Two affordable resources for Chicago landlords to get a credit check, credit report or background check

How To Collect Rent Online For Landlords of Chicago Apartments

Would you or your tenants like to go check-free?

Move In Fees Are Legal in Chicago Apartments

Chicago's apartment landlord tenant ordinance has strict rules about security deposits. But the Illinois appellate court found that move-in fees are different and not subject to the security deposit rules.

Understanding the Eviction Process for Chicago Apartments

Once you’ve obtained an order of possession in an eviction case, you need to enlist the Cook County Sheriff to do the dirty work. We explain how it works.

Should I Change The Locks An Apartment Tenant in Chicago?

Don’t take the law into your own hands by interfering with a tenant’s utilities, locking or removing windows or doors, blocking an entrance, or tampering with removing personal belongings.

Snow Removal in Chicago For Chicago landlords. Who’s Responsible?

Snow removal is actually governed by state and local law, and landlords need to be aware of their obligations. We explain everything you need to know.

Chicago Apartment Landlords Must Disclose Chicago Building Violations

Chicago landlords must disclose all known Chicago Building Violations before offering a new or renewal lease to a prospective tenant.

Dog Bite Liability For Chicago Apartment Landlords

There are three potentially responsible parties when a dog bites a child on rented residential property.

Understanding the“Section 8” Voucher Program in Chicago

No landlord in Cook County may refuse to rent to “Section 8” tenants based solely on their “source of income.”

The Chicago Bed Bug Ordinance

All Chicago landlords are required to join the fight against bed bugs.

Inheriting Tenants at Foreclosure in Chicago

If you acquired residential property at a foreclosure sale, Chicago law requires you to offer all legitimate tenants perpetually rent-controlled apartments or else pay their relocation fees.

Lease Renewal Notice Period For Chicago Apartments

The CRLTO requires landlords to provide tenants with 30 days' written notice of any intention not to renew an apartment lease, and failures of compliance may allow tenants to remain in place for at least 60 more days.