sidewalk view of the front of 421-431 West Barry Apartments in Lakeview
421-431 West Barry
421-431 W Barry Ave
lobby and vintage brick facade of 422 W Melrose Apartments in Lakeview
422 W Melrose
422-424 W Melrose St
brick and ornate limestone exterior of 425 West Roscoe Apartments
425 West Roscoe
425 W Roscoe St
One bedroom (living room) at 429 W Roscoe Apartments in Lakeview Chicago
429 W Roscoe
429 W Roscoe St
430 Diversey, One Bedroom Living Room
430 - 446 W. Diversey
430 W Diversey Pkwy
living room with kitchen and windows at 430 W Diversey Apartments
430 West Diversey
430-46 W Diversey Pkwy
building exterior of 432 West Belmont Apartments in Lakeview
432 West Belmont
432 W Belmont Ave
brick building exterior of 432 West Wellington Apartments in Lakeview
432 West Wellington
432 W Wellington Ave
One Bedroom Kitchen and Dining Area at 441 W Barry Apartments in Chicago
441 W Barry
441 W Barry Ave
445 W Barry
445 W Barry Ave
kitche at 455 W. Wellington Apartments in Lakeview Chicago
455 W Wellington
455 W Wellington Ave
468 W Melrose
468 W Melrose St
500 West Belmont Apartments, One Bedroom Living Room
500 West Belmont
500 W Belmont Ave
city view at 515 West Briar Apartments in Lakeview Chicago
515 West Briar
515 W Briar Pl
beautifully landscaped courtyard at 516-524 West Diversey Apartments
516-524 West Diversey
520 W Diversey Ave
Lakeview apartment building exterior at 519 W Melrose St in Chicago
519 Melrose
519 W Melrose St
building exterior with red awning at 520 West Surf Apartments
520 West Surf
520-538 W Surf St
521 W Briar
521 W Briar Pl