February 18, 2020 Properties

Chicago Apartments Near Cannabis Dispensaries

The City of Chicago joins the rest of Illinois in legalizing adult-use recreational cannabis on January 1, 2020. This means that any adult age 21 or over can legally purchase cannabis and cannabis products on the first day of 2020 in Illinois. An important note: Not all Chicago apartments are 420 friendly. Just because apartment renters can purchase these products for personal consumption doesn’t mean that all apartments or rental properties allow renters to light up on the premises. If you haven’t already read up on things like universal smoking bans that might prohibit certain forms of cannabis consumption in Chicago apartments, then it’s definitely recommended reading

Chicago has eleven medical marijuana dispensaries serving patients within the city limits. The city has announced that these existing medical dispensaries are allowed to supply the city’s demand for recreational cannabis as well, letting them sell products to medical patients and adults over the age of 21 who want to participate in the newly legal recreational market. This dual medical/recreational distinction for these few existing dispensaries is meant as a short-term measure, at least until the retail market picks up steam and a healthy crop of licensed retail operations receive the green light from state and local lawmakers to open up shop.

Chicago Apartments Near Marijuana Dispensaries

While Chicago waits for cannabis connoisseurs to open more licensed dispensaries and expand throughout the city, these Chicago apartments are uniquely positioned to enjoy the city’s new green rush starting January 1, 2020.

Apartments Near Rogers Park Cannabis Dispensary


Chase on the Park

Distance to dispensary: 0.02 miles

These recently renovated Rogers Park apartments are about as close as renters in this far north side neighborhood can get to the local dispensary. Besides the location, renters can take advantage of storage lockers that are included with the rent and laundry is even closer than the neighborhood dispensary; there are laundry machines on site so laundry day is never a huge hassle.

Ravenswood Apartments & Uptown Apartments Near Uptown Cannabis Dispensary

dining room and living room area of apartment for rent in The Ashland Manor in Ravenswood, Chicago

The Ashland Manor 

Distance to dispensary: 0.2 miles

These classic apartments are at the meeting point of the Ravenswood and Andersonville neighborhoods. Not a bad place to be! Factor in the five-minute walk to the nearest dispensary and the apartments for rent at Ashland Manor are downright perfect for renters who want that level of convenience combined with access to all the great neighborhood amenities of Ravenswood, Andersonville and nearby Uptown.

courtyard apartment building exterior in Uptown, Chicago

The Argyle Apartments

Distance to dispensary: 0.2 miles

This courtyard apartment building is close to a couple of Uptown’s most celebrated landmarks. Living around the corner from the legendary Green Mill has got to be a thrill for people who dig live music, particularly jazz. Essanay Studios -- the site where great artists of the silent film era like Charlie Chaplin used to work -- is located just down the street, as is the neighborhood dispensary.

rooftop deck with lounge furniture at Ravenswood Terrace apartments for rent in Chicago

Ravenswood Terrace

Distance to dispensary: 0.5 miles

The apartments for rent at Ravenswood Terrace are appealing for their location as well as the quiet micro-community that this apartment and townhouse complex have created within Ravenswood. Renters can enjoy a lush green lawn that separates the apartment building from the neighboring townhomes, along with other nifty amenities like the rooftop deck, fitness center and off-street parking. Need more evidence? The local Mariano’s is less than a block away. Perfect for those last-minute snack runs.

Apartments for Rent Near Logan Square Cannabis Dispensary 

The Logan Apartments

Distance to dispensary: 0.2 miles

Replacing the old Mega Mall on N Milwaukee Ave are the Logan Apartments, a slick combo of old and new that introduces another 220 brand-new apartments to a bustling stretch of Milwaukee Ave. Everything is close by these apartments: parks, transportation, libraries, schools, and even the neighborhood weed dispensary is accessible in five minutes.

Kitchen and living area in front of floor-to-ceiling glass windows in Logan Square apartments for rent

Noca Blu

Distance to dispensary: 0.1 miles

If living right off the CTA Blue line stop at California and Milwaukee Ave isn’t enough convenience to lure apartment renters to this recently built apartment building, then how about the proximity to the local dispensary? Renters at these Logan Square apartments can walk out of the building and then start chatting up the friendly neighborhood budtenders in less than five minutes.

living room and kitchen of Logan Square apartment in MiCa, Chicago

MiCa Apartments

Distance to dispensary: 0.2 miles

Renters can accomplish a lot using this sophisticated apartment building’s full suite of amenities. Renters can easily dropping off the dry cleaning using Pressbox at MiCa. Or they can host a rooftop BBQ for their friends. Or they can simply rest and enjoy a picturesque sunrise over the city skyline. All these nice things can be accomplished without ever having to leave the building. That’s great and all, but don’t overlook the building’s proximity to everything that N Milwaukee Ave has to offer, including the neighborhood cannabis dispensary only a few hundred feet away. 

Lakeview & Wrigleyville Apartments for Rent Near Lakeview Cannabis Dispensary 

kitchen of apartment for rent in Lakeview, Chicago

Grace Shores Apartments

Distance to dispensary: 0.7 miles

Apartments that combine convenience with great location are part of the reason why renters are so faithful to the Lakeview neighborhood. Grace Shores Apartments are another example of the sturdy apartment options that renters rely on when they’re looking for a place in this action-packed neighborhood. Lakeview’s many shopping, dining and entertainment options are close but the apartment building is closer to the natural highlights of Lake Michigan than many others on this list. And the neighborhood dispensary is even closer, located just fifteen minutes away on foot.

open concept living area and kitchen with large kitchen island in Lakeview apartment for rent

Lakeview 3200

Distance to dispensary: 1 mile

Renters who want to lean in to the city lifestyle may find a lot to like in the newly built apartments at Lakeview 3200. The building offers retail on the first floor and is at the nexus of Lakeview, aka the bustling intersection of N Clark St and W Belmont Ave, so public transportation options abound the moment that renters set foot outside the door. One of the convenient destinations via public transit, bicycle or walking is a quick jaunt up Clark St to the Wrigleyville area marijuana dispensary.

Wicker Park & Lincoln Park Apartments for Rent Near Wicker Park Cannabis Dispensary

winding staircase and living room area of apartment for rent in Wicker Park, Chicago

1241 N Milwaukee Ave

Distance to dispensary: 0.8 miles

This Wicker Park apartment building can always tout its location at the happening intersection of N Milwaukee Ave, N Ashland Ave and W Division St for renters who seek a place that embraces all the highlights of trendy Wicker Park. The myriad shops along N Milwaukee Ave are a constant draw and the easy access to public transportation are two undeniable bonuses of living in this neighborhood. But renters who don’t mind a quick walk can also set their sights on the nearby dispensary, located less than a mile from these modern apartments. 

interior of studio apartment for rent in Lincoln Park, Chicago


Distance to dispensary: 0.6 miles

These apartments embrace the minimalist lifestyle with an efficient layout and crisp design elements. The raw concrete ceilings add a nice touch to the contemporary urban feel of the apartments while the surrounding Lincoln Park neighborhood provides something of a posh backdrop to life in this spot by the North Branch of the Chicago River. While living small is the overall vibe of the apartments for rent at SONU Digs, the options in this neighborhood are practically limitless. The aforementioned river is receiving more and more attention as conservation groups aim to revitalize the waterway. That could be a huge draw for folks who enjoy nature walks along the banks of the river or even hitting the water in a kayak. Folks that are interested in the proximity to Wicker Park’s local dispensary will find something to float their boat, too. This apartment building is located across the Chicago River from one of the few dispensaries that will be open for business on January 1st of 2020.