Even though Chicago has a relatively reliable network of public transportation options, new apartment renters who move to the city with their cars need to know what's up. Suppose you own a car or motorcycle and are not an Illinois resident when you move. In that case, you will need to register your license plates with the Illinois Secretary of State within 30 days and obtain a new driver’s license within 90 days. If you already live in Illinois, you have ten days to notify the Secretary of State of your new address, although this can usually be accomplished online.  Updating your contact information ensures that you receive critical communications, including annual renewal forms. To update your driver's license or vehicle registration information, visit the Illinois Secretary of State's official website.

​Prices vary depending on whether you drive a motorcycle or passenger car, but the fee is about $90 for most cars. Your vehicle also needs to pay a wheel tax to the City of Chicago. Within 30 days of moving into the city, you must obtain a “vehicle sticker ” for your front windshield. If you move to a neighborhood where parking is scarce, there’s a good chance you’ll also need to obtain a residential parking permit to avoid being ticketed during specified hours.  These permits can also be obtained online (the cost is $25), and the permit will be consolidated with your vehicle sticker.  You may also purchase temporary parking passes for visitors if you throw a party and wish to extend the convenience of curbside parking to your guests.