Are Chicago Beaches Open For Swimming After Labor Day?

Chicago beachgoers and swimmers are accustomed to wringing the most enjoyment they can out of the official beach season. With Labor Day already in the rearview mirror, the season is coming to an end and that means it might be time to pack up swimsuits and beach towels for another season.

Summer is a fleeting experience in Chicago after all, and the beach season is May 25 through September 3 according to the Chicago Park District. The Chicago Park District manages 26 miles of free and open lakefront, staffing lifeguards at city beaches, performing clean up and other maintenance, and reporting on water conditions at each of Chicago’s beaches throughout the season.

Swimming After Labor Day at Chicago Beaches

So what happens if a person were to go to the beach after Labor Day? The beach is open much like other parks that are managed by the city, with normal open hours from 6am until 11pm. However, the Park District does restrict swimming hours to those when a lifeguard is on duty. Don’t see a lifeguard? Then swimming is off limits. And it goes without saying that you shouldn’t expect to see a lifeguard on duty at Chicago beaches after the end of the official season.

What can happen if an intrepid visitor goes to the beach and jumps in the water after the season is over? According to Chapter 7 of the Chicago Park District Code, any person caught violating the rules is subject to a fine of up to $500. Yikes! 

It’s worth noting that some seasoned beachgoers will still venture into Lake Michigan after Labor Day, and with temperatures expected to remain hot and dry well into the month of September, it might be tempting to take a dip. Swimmers do so at their own risk though, and if Chicago Police are patrolling the beach that day, they might end up with a hefty fine for heading into the lake. 

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