How Chicago Moving Companies Are Helping Renters Relocate During Coronavirus

Masks are being worn. Surfaces are getting wiped frequently. And there’s plenty of hand sanitizer in tow on the moving trucks. This is the reality of moving into a new Chicago apartment during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Are Chicago Moving Companies Operating During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Moving companies in Chicago are doing their best at keeping up with the changes like all local businesses deemed an essential service by Governor J.B. Pritzker’s statewide stay-at-home order. The order is slated to stay in place until at least April 30, but in the meantime moving and relocation services are essential services so they remain open for business. Renters are free to pursue a planned move to a new apartment, provided they don’t move while feeling ill and that, even if they’re 100% healthy, they abide with moving companies’ new safety protocols in the Coronavirus era. 
Chicago moving companies are meeting the demands of renters while keeping an open ear to customer feedback. They should anticipate many questions around the procedures for moving during a pandemic. When faced with these questions, moving companies are wise to adopt safety protocols that they can freely circulate among employees. Companies looking for guidance on how to safely operate during the COVID-19 outbreak should refer to the Chicago Department of Public Health. 

cardboard moving boxes piled into apartment living room with grey sofa in background

How Are Moving Companies in Chicago Staying Safe While Relocating People During the Pandemic?

Many Chicago-based moving companies have asked office staff to work from home while providing moving crews with masks, disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer. Movers may even ask to wash hands as they enter homes. It’s all part of the process of making the move go as painlessly as possible -- a challenging feat in these times, no doubt. 
Let’s face it: Moving usually isn’t the most anticipated part of finding a new apartment for renters. But organizational and logistical gurus shine during a move! Some renters are downright pros when it comes to moving apartments. In even the best circumstances, moving is tough and now moving companies are figuring out the best way to respond to the current conditions with everyone’s safety in mind.