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Neighborhood Vibe

Shopping, dining, and walking to nearby parks are a breeze for Buena Park. Buena Park apartments are close to public transit, the lakefront, and walkable streets.
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Heart of the Neighborhood

Buena Park apartments can be found just west of Lake Shore Drive, directly across from the Waveland Golf Course and Montrose Harbor. For walking, running, or riding along the lakefront bike path.
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What We Love Most

Holiday Club on Sheridan and Irving Park Rd is the neighborhood destination for throwback nights filled with ‘80s jams every Friday night. For those who prefer the heyday of grunge music and flannel shirts, their ‘90s night takes place every Saturday.
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Best Way to Get Around

Apartment renters in Buena Park Chicago can get around via Lake Shore Drive/Irving Park Rd or choose the CTA Red Line to explore other neighborhoods.

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Apartment Buildings in Buena Park

927 W Irving Park
927 W Irving Park Rd
Rent starting at
Buena Shores
833 W Buena Ave
Rent starting at
Park Shores
4304 N Sheridan Rd
Rent starting at
Sheridan Shores
640 W Sheridan Rd
Rent starting at
3933-3935 N Pine Grove
3933-3935 N Pine Grove Ave
3941 North Pine Grove
3941 N Pine Grove Ave
3950 N Lake Shore
3950 N Lake Shore Dr
4027 North Broadway
4027 N Broadway St
4100 N. Marine Dr.
4100 N Marine Dr
4119 N Kenmore
4119 N Kenmore Ave
4140 Clarendon
4140-4144 N Clarendon Ave
4144 North Sheridan
4144 N Sheridan Rd
4200 North Marine
4200 N Marine Dr
4240 North Clarendon
4240 N Clarendon Ave
4241 N Kenmore
4241 N Kenmore Ave
4300 North Marine
4300 N Marine Dr
4343 N Clarendon
4343 N Clarendon Ave
4362-64 N. Kenmore
4362 N Kenmore Ave

New Buena Park Chicago Apartments for Rent

908 W Belle Plaine Ave #3R
4454 N Sheridan Rd #3
656 W Gordon Terrace #2E
656 W Gordon Terrace #2E
906 W Belle Plaine Ave #3
3950 N Lake Shore Dr #C
4039 N Kenmore Ave #1