Fulton River District

This neighborhood has a unique Chicago vibe -- industrial, artistic and residential. Originally, the area was dominated by industry, but in the past decade many warehouses and loft buildings have been converted to residences and gallery spaces. Home to artists and young professionals, this is one of Chicago’s fastest growing neighborhoods. Because of its close proximity to the loop, many professionals live here too. Housing options include mid and high rise new construction, and apartments are plentiful. Loft-style units in renovated buildings and new construction are also very popular.

Fulton River District has a different look and feel than other areas because of its heavily industrial past and present. Wide streets with functioning meatpacking warehouses stand side-by-side to newly renovated loft apartments and condominiums. The smell of chocolate from Blommer Chocolate factory is part of the neighborhood’s signature.

Exciting restaurants and established art galleries seeking lower rents found the unique warehouse and industrial buildings particularly enticing. Today, many of Chicago’s best and most creative restaurants are located here. At night, the bar and club scenes draw a well-heeled clientele from all over Chicago.

Typical rents

1 Bedroom$2225-3121
2 Bedrooms$2950-4273
3 Bedrooms$4050-6700
4+ Bedrooms$4950

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