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Kenilworth is part of the northern suburbs of Chicago, known as the North Shore. It's a quiet, small community that resides on Lake Michigan. 

Heart of the Neighborhood

Lake Michigan is the true gem of the Midwest. Living in Kenilworth means you get to enjoy this beautiful natural resource, walk along its beaches, picnic along the parks and soak up the sun with your family, friends and neighbors.

What We Love Most

Kenilworth is the youngest and smallest community on the North Shore, even though it was established in the 1880s. Joseph Sears purchased the land with the intention of making it a planned community. He wanted to design it after an English village. If you're a fan of historic architecture, you'll be pleased to know George W. Maher was a resident and the town planner in Kenilworth. He worked as an architect at the same time as Chicago's other well-known architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Maher designed 37 homes within Kenilworth, along with several parks, all designed with the good of the public in mind.

Best Way to Get Around

Kenilworth is about 17 miles north of downtown Chicago. The best way to travel and get around the Village of Kenilworth is by car. If you need to commute to the city of Chicago, you can get there by driving down the I-94. Or you can take the scenic route and drive down US-41, also known as Lake Shore Drive. If you decide to skip the traffic, you can hop on the Metra train's Union North Pacific line, which takes you straight to the Ogilvie Transportation Center in Chicago.

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