How 6 Chicago Neighborhoods Make Working from Home Easy

The whole point of working from home is that you can get things done without going into an office every day. Technically it doesn’t matter where your home office is located. You could live in an apartment building, single family home or cool converted loft -- as long as you feel like you’ve got enough space to make things work, you've got the whole work from home thing figured out. And let's remember that skipping the commute is a big perk for people who work from home. 

Creating a productive workspace within the home is really important, but it’s also important to consider environmental factors around your home. 

outdoor seating at coffee shop in the Loop, Chicago, IL

Neighborhoods to Get a Caffeine Jolt During Your Workday

Is your apartment in a neighborhood with lots of coffee shops? These buzzing spaces are favorites for the telecommuting and digital nomad crowd because of the caffeine that helps fuel a productive work day, but there’s solid evidence that shows coffee shops to be near-perfect environments for certain types of work. If you need to flex your creative muscles at your job, say as a blogger or designer, then the coffee shop could be the go-to workspace for you rather than the inside of your apartment.

The Loop: The Loop isn't always considered a true residential neighborhood, but if you live in the Loop then you'll know there’s always a coffee shop within distance of your Loop apartment. Some favorite barista bars near Loop apartments include Intelligentsia Coffee in the Monadnock Building and Dollop Coffee in the Fisher Building (bonus points for architecture buffs in these historically significant buildings).

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Edgewater: With miles of restaurants, retail and lakefront access, there are plenty of excuses to break out of the confines of the home office for a quick spell during your work-at-home days in Edgewater apartments. But for coffee lovers, the local favorites of Metropolis Coffee on W Granville Ave and Colectivo Coffee on N Clark St are solid outposts that know how to do a perfect pour over to fuel your workday.

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jogger and dog walker and cyclist sharing the lakefront trail near Uptown, Chicago, IL

Dog-Friendly Neighborhoods in Chicago

Do you have a dog? Or maybe you have a couple of pups who like running around? Then you understand how vital going out for walks can be, not only so your dog can answer nature’s call, but also granting you a much deserved break from your desk. Walking has many cognitive benefits, and getting exposure to some green space in the middle of a work day does wonders for your mental state. Taking the dog out of the apartment to a nearby dog park in these Chicago neighborhoods is surprisingly simple.

Wicker Park: With three neighborhood dog parks, this trendy Near West Side neighborhood is sure to make tails wag. The added bonus of five pet food and supply shops within a 1-mile radius of most Wicker Park apartments makes it easy to care for your pup without having to leave the neighborhood.

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Uptown: There are four dog parks within reach of Uptown apartments, including the popular dog beach at Montrose Harbor. If your pup likes to show off their aquatic prowess, then you’ll be in prime position to visit this dog beach and other dog-friendly areas from an apartment in Uptown. 

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runners on the 606 trail near Humboldt Park, Chicago, IL

Chicago Neighborhoods That Runners & Cyclists Love

If you work from home, one thing you might discover is how you can easily overextend your work hours. Next thing you know, your professional life begins to intrude on your home life. If you require balance and are looking for ways to unplug, then getting outside for a bike ride or a run is a great way to hit the reset button. These Chicago neighborhoods have apartments that are close to excellent running and biking paths.

South Loop: A high walk score in this neighborhood means that you can get anything you might need without having to use a car, but you can put some serious miles on your bike tires or running shoes by hitting the extensive Lakefront Trail. The Museum Campus also offers many miles of manicured pathways that afford you a chance to get out of the apartment and break a sweat. And the scenery is pretty sublime, too.

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Humboldt Park: This Near West Side neighborhood isn’t on Lake Michigan, but it does have a beach! The sprawling Humboldt Park has a man-made beach and boathouse, so if you feel like taking a dip then you won’t need to haul all the way over to the lakefront. But on top of those interesting features, Humboldt Park apartments are near the many winding pathways of the popular park, and there’s the innovative Bloomingdale Trail, aka The 606. The trail sits atop a former railroad embankment and runs along the northern boundary of Humboldt Park, covering about three miles.

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Of course there are more reasons to love these Chicago neighborhoods than the ones listed here, but these are just a few examples that make them handy home bases for the home office crowd. 

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