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Neighborhood Vibe

Apartments in Beverly Chicago put renters in a cozy neighborhood with plenty of restaurants, shopping options, and a quiet suburban vibe.
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Heart of the Neighborhood

Beverly apartments are close to the Original Rainbow Cone, a summertime classic that has morphed into one of Chicago’s most Instagram-worthy eateries. Apartments in Beverly Chicago are also near rustic microbrewery Horse Thief Hollow, a great place to get a casual meal and drinks with friends. 
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Best Way to Get Around

Beverly apartments are near 95th Street for most quick trips, and there’s always the Metra RI for commuters. 
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What We Love Most

OK, it’s somewhat bookish to say that the public library is one of the neighborhood’s best features, but in the case of Beverly, it rings true. Keep in mind that many of the elite private schools on the South Side draw students from Beverly, so it makes sense that apartment renters and residents in Beverly have a good place to hunker down and study in this community.
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