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Neighborhood Vibe

Imagine collegiate energy cranked up to city-level intensity. That's DePaul for you. This neighborhood hums with a unique rhythm, one that is part scholarly pursuit, part urban adventure. Brownstones and modern apartments stand shoulder to shoulder, housing a mix of bright-eyed students, savvy professionals, and longtime locals who've seen the area evolve. It's a place where coffee shops double as study halls and where thought-provoking conversations spill out onto tree-lined streets.
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Heart of the Neighborhood

DePaul University's Lincoln Park campus sets the tone, but don't be fooled, this isn't just a college town. The streets radiating from campus tell a different story, one that involves small families, long-time residents, and everything in between. Sheffield Avenue and Halsted Street have a lively mix of businesses, from quirky bookstores perfect for afternoon browsing to bars that host trivia nights that'll put your degree to the test. While life seems to move in a circle around the school, there’s plenty on the outskirts to keep everyone living their best lives.
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What We Love Most

What makes DePaul stand out is the unexpected mashup of big city perks and neighborhood coziness. One minute, you're watching a play at Steppenwolf, the next, you're debating philosophy over a slice at a hole-in-the-wall pizzeria. And when you need a break from the youthful energy, Lincoln Park is right there, offering a sprawling green escape where you can recharge. It's this blend of culture, learning, and leisure that makes DePaul a top pick for renters who want their Chicago experience with an extra shot of intellectual zest.
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Best Way to Get Around

DePaul's got the hookup when it comes to getting around. The neighborhood is served by both the Red and Brown Line 'L' trains, with Fullerton station acting as Grand Central for the neighborhood and connecting you to the rest of the city. If you prefer the feel of wind in your hair, there are plenty of dedicated bike lanes and Divvy stations are never too far away. Another plus is that with DePaul's compact layout, you can cover a lot of ground just by walking.

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Apartment Buildings in DePaul

Elevate Lincoln Park
930 W Altgeld St
Rent starting at
1010 W Altgeld
1010 W Altgeld St
1157 W. Diversey
1157 W Diversey Pkwy
1215 W. Diversey
1215 W Diversey Pkwy
1350 West Fullerton
1350 W Fullerton Ave
1800 N Halsted
1800 N Halsted St
1802 North Halsted
1802 N Halsted St
1816 N Halsted
1816 N Halsted St
1818 North Halsted
1818 N Halsted St
2043 N Sheffield
2043 N Sheffield Ave
2133 N Sheffield
2133 N Sheffield Ave
2140 N Halsted
2140 N Halsted St
2146 N Dayton
2146 N Dayton St
2215 N Clifton
2215 N Clifton Ave
2228 North Halsted
2228 N Halsted St
2230 North Orchard
2230 N Orchard St
2232 N Kenmore
2232 N Kenmore Ave
2440-42 N Racine
2440-42 N Racine Ave

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715 W Diversey Pkwy #9
2661 N Burling St #1
2517 N Ashland Ave #2R
742 W Schubert Ave #1F
2517 N Ashland Ave #1F
2237 N Bissell St #2237.5-1E
1904 N Burling St #2
2619 N Southport #1R
2151 N Fremont #1S
2244 N Kenmore #2S
2619 N Southport Ave #R1
2619 N Southport Ave #1R
1054 W Lill Ave #2
1010 W Altgeld St #2
2619 N Southport Ave #1R
2619 N Southport Ave #1GR
2619 N Southport Ave #1R
2129 N Dayton #203