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Neighborhood Vibe

Think of Roscoe Village as Chicago's favorite small town within the big city. The streets are quiet, the neighbors are friendly, and plenty of great apartments for rent. You'll find young families pushing strollers next to hipsters sipping artisanal coffee, all sharing the sidewalk with long-time residents who've called this neighborhood home for decades. The vibe here is relaxed but never dull, the kind of place where block parties are a summer staple and people remember your name.
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Heart of the Neighborhood

Roscoe Street itself is where all the magic happens. Lined with boutiques, restaurants, and bars that cater to every taste, there’s plenty here to keep you coming back for more. Don't miss Fellger Park, a pocket-sized green space that hosts everything from farmers markets to outdoor yoga sessions. For a taste of local flavor, grab a burger at Kuma's Corner, just be prepared for some serious decision-making when it comes to their epic topping combinations.
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What We Love Most

What sets Roscoe Village apart is its perfect balance of community feel and city convenience. You can start your day with a jog along the river, browse vinyl at Reckless Records, catch an indie film at the Music Box Theatre (okay, it's technically just outside the neighborhood, but close enough), and end it with a craft beer at Bitter Pops. The sense of community is palpable, from the annual Roscoe Village Burger Fest to the holiday window decorating contests, and wherever you go, you’ll be met with a, “Hey, how ya doin’?”. Clerks will greet with you with a smile (and maybe even by name), and you might just get to the point where your community becomes something you’re proud of.
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Best Way to Get Around

Roscoe Village is a walker's and cyclist's dream. Most of your day-to-day needs are just a short stroll away, and the neighborhood's relatively flat terrain makes trips quick and easy. When you need to venture further, the CTA is nearby. The Brown Line's Paulina stop sits right at the eastern edge of the neighborhood, whisking you downtown in about 20 minutes, and there's also a network of bus routes to take advantage of. If you have a car, parking can be a bit of a game (especially during street cleaning days), but it's generally more manageable here than in many other North Side neighborhoods.

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Apartment Buildings in Roscoe Village

1819 Belmont
1819 W Belmont Ave
1837 W. Patterson
1837 W Patterson Ave
1901-03 West Addison
1901 W Addison St
2333-41 W Addison
2333-41 W Addison St
2357 West School
2357 W School St
3333 N Oakley
3333 N Oakley Ave
3602-10 N Seeley
3602-10 N Seeley Ave
3657-59 N. Damen / 1951-57 W. Waveland
3657 N Damen Ave
4010 N Lincoln
4010 N Lincoln Ave
Centrum Lakeview
1714 W Roscoe St
2000 W Diversey Ave
Pencil Factory Loft
1800 W Roscoe St

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3300 N Claremont Ave #2344S-1
3300 N Claremont Ave #2336S-3
3453 N Hoyne Ave
1800 W Roscoe St #526
1848 W Henderson St #Loft
1848 W Henderson #Loft
3300 N Claremont Ave #2334S-3
1849 W Cornelia Ave #3451-2
1800 W Belmont Ave #2N
1800 W Belmont Ave #2N
1848 W Henderson #Loft
3462 N Lincoln Ave #405
3462 N Lincoln Ave #306
3300 N Claremont Ave #2344S-3
1923 W Melrose St #3rd
2241 W Belmont Ave #2
1825 W Addison St #1
3542 N Oakley Ave #2