Roscoe Village

Roscoe Village is a low-density neighborhood that blends village-like charm with a big-city take on life. Residents are very active in building a strong sense of community through things like the neighborhood garage sale or annual spring brunch. Roscoe Village's southern border hosts antique row, a strip of shops with floor-to-ceiling curios.

The neighborhood largely straddles Roscoe Street (hence the name), which is lined with boutiques, sandwich shops, pizzerias, brunch spots, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and the like. It's become a fairly affluent community over the past five years, particularly with the emergence of a healthy crop of luxurious, single-family homes.

Mixed-use condominiums with ground-floor retail have lately made the scene, although most Roscoe Village residents live in vintage walk-ups, two- or three-story apartment buildings, and single-family homes, including post-war greystones. The el is not particularly convenient, and commuting is difficult, but it's hard not to adore this place. With a bicycle, everything will work out just fine.

Typical rents

1 Bedroom$1450-1600
2 Bedrooms$1499-1850
3 Bedrooms$1775-2050
4+ Bedrooms$5000

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