Margate Park

Margate Park is primarily (though not exclusively) a residential area in the northeast tip of the uptown neighborhood, conveniently located along Lincoln Park and walking distance from Lake Michigan. Margate Park contains a great many vintage apartment and condominium buildings and an abundance of beautiful turn-of-the-century single-family homes.

Margate Park is named for the Margate Fieldhouse, which sponsors a variety of recreational programs for people of all ages and contains a fitness center. The park itself is just a portion of the more expansive Lincoln Park, but the area surrounding the Margate Fieldhouse includes a wonderful playground for tots, a series of bike paths and soccer fields, and, just across the way, five baseball diamonds. On Saturday mornings, Margate Park becomes the center of the local soccer universe, as throngs of youngsters gather to participate in weekly AYSO matches.

Although the dining and retail options are limited, public transportation is a cinch, as buses run along all four sides of Margate Park, and residents are typically not more than a half a mile away from an el stop on the red line.

Typical rents

1 Bedroom$875-1350
2 Bedrooms$1750-1890
3 Bedrooms$2275
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