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Neighborhood Vibe

Albany Park apartments remain on the affordable side. Courtyard apartment buildings and multi-flat bungalows predominate the apartment rental market.
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Heart of the Neighborhood

The selection of cuisine and local businesses is now more diverse than ever. Albany Park apartments are in a part of Chicago, formerly nicknamed "Korea Town" because of the high concentration of Korean restaurants, grocers, and traders. Lawrence Avenue's section is sometimes referred to as "Seoul Drive."
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What We Love Most

The neighborhood includes expansive Eugene Field Park, home to the Albany Park Theater Project, a famous community institution that gives local kids a chance to express their talents. Residents also enjoy the facilities for tennis, soccer, baseball, football, and the playgrounds and a spray pool.
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Best Way to Get Around

The ‘L’ Brown line has its terminal station at Kimball, which delivers riders to the heart of Albany Park, Chicago. Lawrence Avenue and Kedzie Avenue are the leading local byways for getting around, running errands in the neighborhood, or grabbing a quick bite to eat.

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Apartment Buildings in Albany Park

3601 West Ainslie
3601 W Ainslie St
4700-06 N Sacramento / 3004-06 W Leland
4700-06 N Sacramento Ave
4730 N Kimball
4730 N Kimball Ave
Rent starting at
5047-49 N Central Park
5047-5049 N Central Park Ave
5122 North Avers
5122 N Avers Ave
Kimball Station
4730 N Kimball Ave
The Albany Park Place
4701 N Albany Ave
The Maynard at 3348 W Wilson
3348 W Wilson Ave

New Albany Park Chicago Apartments for Rent

5047 N Central Park Ave #1A
3606 W Sunnyside Ave #2
3606 W Sunnyside Ave #2
4654 N Avers Ave #3