Albany Park

Albany Park is one of Chicago’s most ethnically diverse and rapidly growing neighborhoods. located on the northwest side of the city, its residents have converged from Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, and the Balkans, among many other places. More than 40 different languages are spoken on the streets and in the local schools.

At one time, Albany Park was nicknamed “Korea Town” because of the high concentration of Korean restaurants, grocers, and traders. In fact, a section of Lawrence Avenue is often referred to as “Seoul Drive.” If you're a fan of Korean barbeque, domu recommends Chicago Kalbi (and was not paid for that endorsement). Noon O Kebab is a mecca for Persian fare, and Arun’s Thai Restaurant receives consistent praise from its devoted patrons. The neighborhood includes expansive Eugene Field Park, which is home to the Albany Park Theater Project, a popular community institution that gives local kids a chance to express their talents. Residents also enjoy the traditional facilities for tennis, soccer, baseball, and football, as well as the playgrounds and a spray pool.

Although housing prices have increased in recent years, Albany Park remains very affordable. Courtyard apartment buildings and multi-flat bungalows predominate the rental market.

Typical rents

1 Bedroom$850-1095
2 Bedrooms$1300-1800
3 Bedrooms$1500-1750

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