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Logan Square apartments are in a Chicago neighborhood that has undergone massive change over the past decade, transforming from a working-class enclave to a hotbed for artists, chefs, and other bohemian types. Classic greystone buildings are easily spotted on the boulevards, stately mansions, and vintage courtyard buildings. Single-family homes are abundant on Logan Square's side streets, giving the community a homey feel that's evident while strolling to get a coffee or pick up fresh produce at the weekend farmer's market.
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Heart of the Neighborhood

Palmer Square is a favorite among locals. This seven-acre green space was envisioned in the 1870s as part of the city’s boulevard system and still serves as a popular congregating space for residents today. Pack a picnic, bring a book, or pause for a moment to appreciate this unique Logan Square park.
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What We Love Most

While it’s not the only neighborhood in Chicago built around the Park Boulevard System, Logan Square’s namesake park has a quirky feature that you won’t find in other Chicago communities. The Comfort Station appears to be a humble Tudor-style cottage from the outside. Still, this formerly neglected public building has been restored to match its original 1920s appearance with an expanded mission for modern times. The Comfort Station regularly hosts art exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and film showings for the community.
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Best Way to Get Around

The CTA Blue line serves downtown and O’Hare, making Logan Square Chicago an ideal place to rent an apartment for folks who like the value of living a bit further outside of downtown while traveling at a moment’s notice. The Kedzie Ave and Fullerton Ave buses are convenient for most short trips, and of course, there are many bike-friendly streets and the 606 trail at the neighborhood’s southern edge.

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Apartment Buildings in Logan Square

2317-27 North Rockwell
2317 N Rockwell St
2420 North Kedzie
2420 N Kedzie Blvd
Rent starting at
2834 West Palmer
2834 W Palmer St
Rent starting at
Cortland Flats
3023 W Cortland St
Rent starting at
1631 N Lawndale
1631 N Lawndale Ave
2000 N Milwaukee
2000 N Milwaukee Ave
2128 North Sawyer
2128 N Sawyer Ave
Rent starting at
2319 North Kedzie
2319 N Kedzie Ave
2346 W McLean
2346 W Mclean Ave
2375 West Montana
2375 W Montana St
2435 North Albany
2435 N Albany Ave
2455-57 West Logan
2455 W Logan Blvd
2500 North Kedzie
2500 N Kedzie Blvd
2516 North Kedzie
2516 N Kedzie Ave
2533 N Kimball
2533 N Kimball Ave
2535 West Fullerton
2535 W Fullerton Ave
2637 North Spaulding
2637 N Spaulding Ave
2650 N Milwaukee
2650 N Milwaukee Ave

New Logan Square Chicago Apartments for Rent

2420 N Kedzie Blvd #304
2834 W Palmer St #105
2327 N Rockwell St #3A
2323 N Rockwell St #G-C
2420 N Kedzie Blvd #205
2733 W Belden Ave #1109
2148 North Point St #3
2733 W Belden Ave #409
2823 W Logan Blvd #3
2452 N Spaulding Ave #B-2
2535 N Campbell Ave #3
3551 W Wolfram St #02-F
2651 W Armitage Ave #2
2634 N Lawndale Ave #03
3046 W Armitage Ave #02
2230 N Sawyer Ave #1E
2943 W Diversey Ave #2E
2740 W Armitage Ave #405S