December 14, 2018 Properties

Find a Chicago Apartment with an Indoor Pool

Surviving the long winter in Chicago can be challenging if you don't have ways to preoccupy your mind and body during the shorter daylight hours and unforgiving temperatures. But it's not as bad as it sounds! Right now you might be skeptical, but indoor amenities in Chicago apartments are an especially helpful coping mechanism. This is doubly true if you can go for a swim without ever leaving your apartment building. Here are some of the best apartment buildings in Chicago that offer renters an indoor pool to help stave off cabin fever and rejuvenate with a swim any time of year.

Apartments in Chicago’s Gold Coast Where Swimming Is Always Allowed

indoor pool at 420 E Ohio apartment building in Streeterville Chicago

420 E Ohio Apartments 

Ohio Street Beach is a favorite training spot for triathletes and open water swimmers alike. And the beach is known for being a go-to spot for boaters as well as swimmers in the summer. But what about the months when you’d need a full wetsuit -- and a heap of courage -- just to withstand the frigid temperatures of Lake Michigan? This apartment building has an indoor pool that will help renters keep their training regimen going strong all year. And the fitness center is nifty if you have aspirations of keeping up with those triathletes outside of the water.

Streeterville Apartment Building Lets Renters Dive In 

Aston Chicago Apartments indoor swimming pool located in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago

Aston Chicago Apartments

Stunning views of the Chicago River, Lake Michigan and the Chicago Tribune tower keep renters at this Streeterville apartment building content during the warmer months. But is there anything to fend off cabin fever? Of course! Just head for a dip in the indoor swimming pool or soak up the warm vibes in the hot tub. 

Lakeview Apartments with Retro Pool Party Vibe & Classic Views

Lakeview apartments with indoor pool on penthouse amenity level in WAVE Chicago Apartments

WAVE Chicago Apartments

WAVE Chicago apartments give residents a dual treat at their penthouse pool area. Not only do the views rock, but you could easily picture a classic surf rock band jamming poolside in the retro decor of the top floor amenity space. Lakeview already ranks among the top neighborhoods on the north side for stuff to do, but if you can throw your very own pool party then why worry about venturing out in the unforgiving cold of a Chicago winter?

Streeterville Apartments Where ‘Axis’ Marks the Spot

indoor pool of Streeterville apartments in Axis Apartments, Chicago, IL

Axis Apartments 

These Streeterville residences were originally built to make a bold statement in contemporary style, but with a bit of age these sharp apartments have become a recognizable fixture in the lineup of lakefront high-rises. The crisscrossing axes of the apartment building’s exterior (where the property gets its name) are a nice echo of nearby 875 N Michigan Ave (aka the John Hancock Tower) and its familiar exoskeleton. The indoor swimming pool and its sheer wall of windows provides ample views of other beautiful buildings in the neighborhood while bathing the pool area in sunlight 365 days a year. 

New Downtown Apartment Building Built Up to Chicago’s Highest Standards

indoor pool at Gold Coast apartments in One Bennett Park, Chicago, IL

One Bennett Park Apartments

This gleaming new addition to the skyline by Navy Pier will keep renters cozy all winter long with building amenities that include a sprawling fitness center, on-site dry cleaners and an indoor swimming pool. The architects behind this project knew that it would take a distinctive style and eye for detail to stand out in the increasingly popular downtown apartment market, and that attentiveness shows through the inclusion of an all-season pool on the property.