History in Hyde Park Chicago
National landmarks

5132 South Woodlawn Avenue

Heller House

The Isidore H. Heller House was Frank Lloyd Wright's first completed work in Hyde Park.  Heller commissioned Wright to design the house in 1896 at 5132 South Woodlawn Avenue, and the project was completed the next year.  For Wright, the design was a move toward the Prairie School homes.  When it was built, the design was unlike any other Hyde Park residence.  

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south lake shore drive and east 63rd street

63rd Street Bathing Pavilion

Designated as a landmark on December 8, 2004, the pavilion was completed in 1919 and restored in 2000.  In 1914, the city ordered a 10-acre expansion to jackson park.  The pavilion is the largest and oldest beach house in the city.

850 east 58th street

American School of Correspondence Building

This building was designated as a landmark on April 15, 1995.  The school was located in hyde park before moving to Lansing, Michigan in 1996.

4315 south wabash avenue

The First Church of Deliverance

The First Church of Deliverance was designated as a landmark on October 5, 1994.  Walter T. Bailey completed it in 1939.

5200-44 south greenwood avenue

Greenwood Row House District

The city designated this district as a landmark on December 8, 2004.  It was Hyde Park's first landmark district, according to the Landmarks Commission.  The district contains 20 joined single-family homes designed by Samuel E. Gross in 1903.

1525 east 53rd street

Hyde Park-Kenwood National Bank Building

This building was designated as a landmark on October 8, 2008. 

1100 east hyde park boulevard

Kam Isaiah Israel Temple

This neo-byzantine temple is home to the oldest Jewish congregation in Chicago.  It was built for the Isaiah Israel congregation in 1924 and was designed by Alfred A. Aschuler.  Kam called the Adler and Sullivan designed temple in Brozeville home until it was destroyed in a fire in 2006.  In 1971, Kam merged with Isaiah Israel (builders of this temple) to become Kam Isaiah Israel.  Its capacity is 1,300, and the chapel holds 400. 

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5551 south university avenue

Keck-Mottschalk-Keck Apartments

These three-flat apartments on the campus of the university of chicago were designated as a landmark on August 3, 1994.  They served as residences for the architects and university professor of history Louis Gottschalk.  The building is one of the city's earliest examples of modern international style architecture.  

bounded by east 47th and east 51st Streets, south blackstone and south drexel avenues

Kenwood District

This historic district was designated as a Chicago landmark on June 29, 1979.  

History in Hyde Park Chicago

5015 South Blackstone Avenue

Kenwood Academy

When it opened in 1969, it was known as Kenwood High School at 5015 South Blackstone Avenue.  Today Kenwood Academy is not only a high school, but a magnet school, accepting students who pass a rigorous entrance examination.  The school's alumni have been successful in a wide variety of fields.  They include:

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1362 East 59th Street

The University of Chicago Laboratory School

John Dewey founded The University Of Chicago Laboratory School (otherwise known as the Lab School) in 1896 at 1362 East 59th Street.  It is a private, co-educational institution consisting of a nursery school and lower, middle, and upper schools.  Its notable alumni include Associate Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, U.S.

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History in Hyde Park Chicago
Clubs and theaters

1503 east 55th street

The Beehive

The Beehive was a popular, hard-bop era, jazz nightclub at 1503 east 55th street .  Charlie Parker played his last gig in Chicago here, and Sonny Rollins (who was then living in Chicago) joined the Clifford Brown and Max Roach Quintet here after Harold Land (the previous tenor player) returned to Los Angeles to attend to a family emergency (reputedly the birth of a child). 

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