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Heart of the Neighborhood

Oak Park apartments put residents in an ideal location to enjoy the historic Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio and Oak Park Conservatory.
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What We Love Most

What’s the draw for people to rent apartments in Oak Park? Mainly it’s the cozy neighborhoods, large and beautiful apartments for rent, thriving local businesses, and access to great outdoor activities.
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Best Way to Get Around

Oak Park is 10 miles from downtown Chicago. For apartments in Oak Park, the most direct path to Chicago is by car via I-290. Commuters also choose the CTA Blue/Green for trips into Chicago.
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Neighborhood Vibe

Single-family homes dominate the streetscape, including more than a few historic homes, but this doesn't mean that Oak Park is a sleepy suburb by any means -- overflowing with parks, art galleries, cafes, and large public parks, it always seems like there's something to do in Oak Park.

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Apartment Buildings in Oak Park

100 Forest Place
100 Forest Pl
Rent starting at
Grand Park
1005 Des Plaines Ave
Rent starting at
101-111 S Harvey
101 S Harvey Ave
1158-1164 S Oak Park
1158 S Oak Park Ave
126-132 N Elmwood
126 N Elmwood Ave
130 Washington Blvd
130 Washington Blvd
173-181 N Grove
173 N Grove Ave
175 N Kenilworth
175 N Kenilworth Ave
209 S Oak Park
209 S Oak Park Ave
301-313 N Oak Park
301 N Oak Park Ave
302-312 Washington Blvd
302 Washington Blvd
305-315 S Oak Park
305 S Oak Park Ave
347-357 S Harvey
347 S Harvey Ave
401-403 Washington Blvd
401 Washington Blvd
408-416 S Taylor
408 S Taylor Ave
415-425 S Taylor
415 S Taylor Ave
511-521 South Cuyler
511 S Cuyler Ave
618-632 S Austin
618 S Austin Blvd

New Oak Park Chicago Apartments for Rent

675 Lake St #TBD
1120 Ontario St #202
675 Lake St #TBD
118 S Austin Blvd #1
110 N Kenilworth Ave #3B
110 N Kenilworth Ave #6B
110 N Kenilworth Ave #7A
829 S Euclid Ave #2S
48 Washington Blvd
100 Forest Pl #ID796