Using the Moon and Psychic Energy to Benefit Your Next Move

You’ve found the perfect apartment—the right neighborhood, right price point, great view, close to public transportation or your favorite dog park. But something about it just doesn’t feel right. Could it be the psychic energy? And what can you do to fix it?

Domu consulted Andrew Anderson, and Cynthia Becker, both rated among Chicago’s top ten most reliable psychic/mediums.

How do you sense the energy in an apartment?

Cynthia explained, “Your psychic mind is picking up hundreds of bits of information all the time. While your conscious mind is occupied with the nuts and bolts of logical information, subtle psychic information is registering in your body! When you walk through the apartment, you should notice how you feel. Pay attention to it.”

Andrew’s advice was similar. “When I walk into a home, the energy is apparent to me,” said Andrew. “If you feel something tugging at you, a feeling like your hair is standing on end, you are feeling the negative energy of a space."

Can you change the energy in your new home? What are the methods?

The energy in your new home is not static, and, if need be, you can change it. Andrew has helped many clients by burning white sage sticks and letting the smoke travel to the corners of the room. He starts at the windows, where he makes the sign of the cross with the sage while saying, “Be gone, negative energy. Surround the inhabitants of this home with the white light of the holy spirit.” He exits through the front door, which is the last point of the cleanse. 

Cynthia emphasized that a reputable landlord will have cleaned and painted and made all necessary repairs. This significantly helps to clear any old energy from the previous tenant.

She also offered something you can do for yourself. “Add nine drops of lavender essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water. A light spray in all the corners will rebalance and lift the energy making it ready for you to move in and make it yours. (It is also a mild disinfectant!)” She also helps clients by utilizing Feng Shui remedies.

From a psychic’s perspective, is there a preferable time to move?

According to Cynthia, “Many people like to move in the spring, but my advice to you, is don’t wait! Start looking as soon as the spirit moves you! There is a reason you are feeling that urge. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find.” Andrew agreed that “spring is a good time to move because it is the season of new beginnings.” 

Cynthia also added that “New Moon energy is very good for beginning projects. Also, a good time to dissolve old patterns (and moving is an example of this) is during the balsamic moon. The moon enters this phase several days before the new moon each month. However, I would avoid moving during the full moon.”