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Vincent “The Schemer” Drucci

Vincent “The Schemer” Drucci (born Lorveco di Ambrosia) was a member of the North Side Gang, rivals to Al Capone’s south side “Outfit.”  Drucci was involved in several efforts to kill both Johnny “The Fox” Torrio and Al Capone, was reputed to be one of the “drive-by shooters” in the death of mobster Angelo Genna, and was one of the two assailants who killed Samuzzo Amatuna in his barber’s chair.  Drucci was arrested on April 5, 1927, as he was leaving the Belair Hotel at 424 West Diversey Parkway.  The police were seeking him for ransacking of the offices of 42nd ward alderman Dorsey R. Crowe.  Eyewitness accounts differed on what happened next, but Drucci apparently started an altercation with the officers in the back of the squad car and, just as the vehicle reached the intersection of Wacker Drive and the Clark Street Bridge, Officer Danny Healy opened fire on the handcuffed mobster, hitting him in the arm, leg, and stomach.  Drucci died on the way to the hospital.

424 West Diversey Parkway
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